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Is Your Communication Keeping Up with Your Mobile Team?

Two-way radio applications cover the spectrum of mission-critical and professional needs with solutions for network and device management, strict information assurance policies and advanced voice and messaging applications, so you have the tools you need to deliver the non-stop service your world demands.

Purpose-built applications like work order ticket management, dispatch and location tracking are available on smartphone and desktop platforms, but also designed for use on digital mobile radios for workers in the industrial workspace. With Unified Workgroup Communications, critical intelligence from Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), SCADA or other sources is shared immediately between those who know and those who need to know to make your business safer, more efficient and more successful.

Due to advancements in technology and economies of scale, the cost of communication devices has been reduced to price points, which enable their use across more infrastructure and applications.

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MOTOTRBO Applications

With a wide range of applications and an expert application partners program, MOTOTRBO offers custom solutions that truly meet your business needs. Business-specific applications like these increase the level of efficiency, safety and productivity throughout your enterprise.

Command and Control
These applications work behind the scenes of your MOTOTRBO network to enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of your system. Interfacing to a Work Order Ticketing system, managing alarms and telemetry, and connecting to other messaging systems, they bring significant benefits to your business.

Personnel Safety
Increase the safety and accountability of your staff by deploying these applications. Features such as Man Down and Lone Worker can be linked to indoor and outdoor location services for maximum effectiveness.

Connect your MOTOTRBO radio system to other communication systems. From analog two-way radio systems to SIP telephone networks to cellular providers, you can increase efficiency and increase collaboration.

Track your vehicles and your staff for improved safety, security and accountability. These applications allow you to make the most of MOTOTRBO’s GPS capabilities, and some even offer indoor location tracking capabilities.

System Monitoring
To get the best from your MOTOTRBO system, you need to know how it’s performing. These applications give you a dashboard view of key metrics and parameters, with detailed logs helping you plan future growth and upgrades.

Text Messaging and Email
Enhance productivity by connecting your radio network with your text and email system. Allow your staff to use advanced work order ticketing solutions, or simply streamline the flow of information between office and shop floor.

Voice Dispatch
Giving you centralized control of your workforce, these applications offer customizable user interfaces to allow your dispatcher to coordinate your staff efficiently and effectively. They also enhance business connectivity by allowing telephony interconnections and multi-system patching.

Work Ticket Management
These applications enhance efficiency and accountability in the workplace using text based issue management software. They can be integrated with your existing work-order management solution or can be operated as an independent system.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Smart and Secure Water and Wastewater Solutions
What can you do today to reduce water shortage estimates tomorrow?

Imagine being able to continuously monitor and control every operation at water and wastewater facilities; you could promptly detect and resolve any problem and be automatically alerted of any malfunction or unauthorized use for fast and efficient response. Motorola’s Industrial IoT solutions can help you achieve these goals and a lot more.

Ensure the water in your community is always safe for consumption with the right combination of monitoring technology and robust communication. Start by providing your workers with team communications that extend your reach well beyond cellular, and enable communication without boundaries in critical moments. Then, augment it with intelligent sensors. When the water facility sensors detect a high PH level within a community water supply, they will immediately send an alert. Motorola’s ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) takes this data from the sensor and delivers it to the right personnel in the right format. Then the issue can be radioed immediately to notify quality operators to restore water quality.

Leverage Your Radio Network for M2M Data Communication

Created in collaboration with the Utilities Telecom Council (UTC), this white paper explains how to leverage your digital, mission-critical radio system for M2M data services with the same high reliability and coverage you count on for your voice communications.

Download and Discover:

  • The ever growing importance of M2M data services for water and wastewater utilities
  • The most crucial features of an M2M communication system
  • How M2M enables water utilities to be proactive in operations rather than reactive

Download this brief and uncover how Oil & Gas enterprises, like yours, are taking their communications further to impact operations.

Download the IIoT Whitepaper

Unlock Intelligence Across Your Operations with Industrial Internet of Things Solutions

Motorola Solutions’ Industrial Internet of Things is helping organizations around the world realize the limitless possibilities that are unlocked when you connect equipment, infrastructure and people. And leverage those connections with solutions that work across secure, resilient and expandable networks, to automate operating technology and centralize its management.

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What happens when you rollout robust and reliable push-to-talk communications without replacing equipment, retraining staff and taking on huge capital expenses? Talk to us to find out.

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Push-to-Talk ensures information is transmitted instantly with real-time intelligence, so your teams can respond quickly, maintain control and avoid chaos.

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